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The Costa del Sol, and, more specifically, Marbella, is the ideal place to start a business in the tourist sector. Throughout the year, tourists from different parts of Europe and all over the world visit the South of Spain in search of nice beaches, good food and all that Marbella has to offer.

Marbella is not just a seasonal destination; there is an abundance of tourists all year long. Thus, the tourist sector in the Costa del Sol might be very profitable. We say ‘might be’ because you need to consider other factors and obtain expert advice whenever you start a business project.

Whether or not you are a resident, if you are thinking of starting a business venture in or near Marbella, this post will surely be helpful.

Basic tips to start your business in the tourist sector in Marbella

Rely on advisors that are experts on both legal and tax issues. It is important that all the steps of the start-up of your business are correctly carried out in accordance with Spanish laws. To succeed, you need advisors with comprehensive knowledge about Spanish laws and procedures as they apply to residents and non-residents.

The previous section on starting a business in the Costa del Sol is especially important if you want to benefit from the tax advantages you might be entitled to. That is where the experts at Welex can help. Do not hesitate to contact us for any enquiries you might have about this sector.

Let’s take a more in-depth look. First, you will have to conduct a good audit of your competitors and the possible business opportunities. In other words, you need a viable business plan so that when everything is working, you can prosper and reap the benefits of your successful venture.

Of course, motivation is important; but, if you have decided to start a business in Marbella, then you surely must be highly motivated.

It is important that you do not start this business all by yourself. Of course, you will be the expert in your business sector and your company, but you might need external help, such as legal advice, and assistance from experts that take care of the accountancy, quarterly tax returns, corporate books, etc.

The same goes for other sectors; for example, in order to launch your project at the Costa del Sol you will need experts in communications and marketing to promote your business and give you a competitive advantage. In fact, you can benefit from professional expertise to address all the issues associated with your project.

Don’t forget to work on your network of contacts. Networking is very important and will always provide you with business and expansion opportunities that you may not have thought of in the first place.

Finally, the best way to succeed will always be ‘work, work and work more’ because, as you know, ‘experience is the mother of science’.

Do not hesitate to contact one of our English-speaking accountants in Marbella!

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