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Tax rates on savings in Spain increase since 2021 | WELEX

04, 02, 2021|Tax in Spain|

By Welex, your tax advisor in Marbella reports on the greater hardening of the highest income corresponding to savings in Spain (dividends, interests, capital gains) and the recovery of the wealth tax that becomes indefinite.   How will the taxable base of savings in Spain (dividends, interest and capital gains) be taxed from 2021? Well, [...]

What expenses do I have when buying a second home in Spain? | WELEX

28, 01, 2021|Tax in Spain|

The purchase and sale of a second transmission property in Spain, that is to say, where the seller is a private individual or the property has already been inhabited, is subject to the Property Transfer Tax in Spain. This tax varies depending on the autonomous community where the property is located.   For that reason, [...]

How to know whether you are tax resident in Spain or not | WELEX

03, 12, 2020|Spanish Accountancy, Tax in Spain|

There are people that reside in different countries, or spend certain periods of time during the year in one or another country, and might not know that, when having to file the tax return, there is a specific income tax to be paid in accordance to whether you are resident or not. To know whether [...]

Plusvalía Tax in Spain: all you need to know | WELEX

06, 08, 2020|Tax in Spain|

It is curious that among the posts on our blog, our professional lawyers specialized in Real Estate Law in Spain have never analyzed on any occasion, or just did it superficially, the municipal Plusvalia tax in Spain. So in this blog we are going to give a few insights to the pompous "Tax on the [...]

Private purchase contract for properties under construction: Taxes | WELEX

27, 07, 2020|Property in Spain, Tax in Spain|

From Welex, your law firm in Marbella specialized in purchase and sale of properties in Spain, we set out below a practical assumption in which we collect the details that derive from the taxation of the transfer to a third party of a private purchase contract for properties under construction. At first, before starting the [...]

Direct and indirect taxes: Differences at the Spanish Law | WELEX

21, 07, 2020|Tax in Spain|

Direct versus Indirect tax in Spain From Welex, your tax adviser in Marbella , we explain you the main difference between direct and indirect taxes in Spain is the basis on which they are applied.   While direct taxes tax people's wealth, indirect taxes tax how this wealth is used.   Most Spanish tax payers [...]

Special tax on lottery prizes in Spain

27, 04, 2020|Tax in Spain|

Are you interested about knowing how the taxation of Christmas lottery prizes works in Spain? Welex, your tax advisor in Marbella is pleased to write a few lines on this subject. The well-known "Lotería de Navidad” (Christmas lottery), one of the most popular lotteries held in Spain, is actually called "El sorteo extraordinario de Navidad” [...]

Electronic certificate in Spain: All you need to know

22, 04, 2020|Tax in Spain|

The digital electronic certificate in Spain confirms our identity on the Internet both as a natural person and a legal entity. Your data will be protected every time your digital signature is used and when you make an online transaction. Do not hesitate to contact our firm of lawyers and accountants in Marbella to obtain [...]

Buying a property in Spain as a non-resident

21, 04, 2020|Property in Spain, Tax in Spain|

Welex knows that there might be several reasons why a non-resident wishes to acquire a property in Spain—perhaps for work-related reasons or simply as a second holiday residence. As we’ve discussed in other posts, in which we indicated our main advice about taxes for real estate in Spain, acquiring a property is not an easy [...]


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