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VAT on Tourist Accommodation in Spain. All you need to know | WELEX

16, 03, 2022|Tax in Spain|

Welex, your law firm and economists in Marbella, capital of the Costa del Sol, has the pleasure of writing a few lines about the application of the Value Added Tax, VAT, on tourist accommodation in Spain.   The rental of a property in Spain can be exempt from VAT but also subject to different rates [...]

Tax reductions are maintained in Andalusia | WELEX

02, 12, 2021|Tax in Spain|

From Welex, lawyers and economists in Marbella, we provide you with all the information regarding the new tax reductions in Andalusia. This Law 5/2021 of 20 October contains all the modifications and reductions of the Transfer Tax and Stamp Duty in Andalusia. Last 27th April, the Junta de Andalucía indicated in its Decree-Law 7/2021 the [...]

VAT versus ITP when purchasing a property in Spain | WELEX

22, 09, 2021|Tax in Spain|

When purchasing a property in Spain, there are a series of additional costs that must be added to the price of the property, such as VAT or ITP taxes.    We will provide a general outline of the taxes involved when purchasing a property in Spain, taking into account that each specific case will require [...]

Tax Categories in the Spanish Tax System | WELEX

27, 07, 2021|Tax in Spain|

Do you have a property in Spanish territory? Have you come on vacation and hired services of a professional in Spain or bought goods? Along the following lines we will indicate the main tax categories in the Spanish Tax System. The Spanish constitution of 1978 comes to indicate as obligations of all citizens the contribution [...]

General Meeting of a Company in Spain in the event of refusal by the administrator to convene it | WELEX

26, 05, 2021|Litigation in Spain, Property in Spain, Tax in Spain|

It is not uncommon for the Administrator of a Spanish company to refuse to call a General Meeting, whether ordinary or extraordinary.   The issue is not without consequences, as the failure to convene the General Meeting of a company in Spain entails issues ranging from the impossibility of approving the annual accounts to the [...]

New tolls on motorways in Spain as from 2024 | WELEX

12, 05, 2021|Tax in Spain|

2024 would be the date on which the Spanish government will start implementing a system of tolls on motorways in Spain.   This payment of tolls on motorways in Spain system is based on two fundamental criteria, according to the director of the General Direction of Traffic, Pere Navarro: "the one who pollutes, pays" and [...]

Reduction of Taxes in Andalusia, Spain | WELEX

04, 05, 2021|Tax in Spain|

Since last year the world pandemic of COVID-19 was declared, in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia different measures have been adopted in order to mitigate the negative effects that it is causing in our territory. For that reason, from Welex, lawyers and accountants in Marbella, we wish to highlight the last reduction of taxes in [...]

Definitive guide for Inheritance Tax in Andalusia | WELEX

28, 04, 2021|Spanish Wills & Inheritance, Tax in Spain|

Although our law firm in Marbella does not wish to give our readers false expectations, we pretend to solve in the below mentioned text  doubts that Inheritance Tax in Andalusia may entail. However, its a pleasure to explain in the following lines a general summary when it comes to Inheritance Tax in the Autonomous Community [...]


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