Law firm in Marbella launches its specific website on Procedural Law in Spain

Given that the targets of our law firm in Marbella is to maximise the benefit of our clients at the most competitive cost, providing confidence and security with full guarantees of quality and commitment, we are pleased to announce the launch of our website specialising in Procedural Law in Spain.

Law firm in Marbella

This website explains the professional services provided to our clients in the application of the litigation law in Spain, from the negotiation of the extrajudicial phase of the conflict, to their legal defence in all kinds of legal proceedings in Spain.

The following are some of the legal services provided by our law firm in Marbella

  • Family law: celebration of marriages, divorces, child custody, etc. Which isincluded in a section of special relevance under the name “Family Law in Spain: Cornerstone in People’s Lives” see 

For information purposes, this website also features a section regarding the kinds of contracts existing in the Spanish legal system, among which it is worth highlighting: