As the song tells us, this law firm in Spain was born in the Mediterranean. And in these days of forced confinement because of the coronavirus COVID-19 in Spain, there is no greater dream for those who were born under its influence than to bathe in its waters again, to enjoy its sunrises and sunsets.Our law firm in Spain was born in the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean has something special, as is Andalusia, and in the south, the Costa del Sol, is an area of special tourist interest visited by thousands of people at all times of the year. The Costa del Sol, bathed by the Mediterranean, will be there again, by the time we get out of quarantine and the current state of alarm. There is no doubt about it.

It is likely that the reader who is reading the entry in our blogs is someone who before the crisis of coronavirus COVID 19 in Spain had the dream of buying a home, a second holiday home, on the Costa del Sol, and now has doubts about it. It is logical.

For you, dear reader, I recommend continuing reading the blogs of our law firm in Spain. In moments of anxiety and uncertainty, we want to transmit you serenity and confidence from Welex. The crisis of the COVID 19 coronavirus in Spain will pass and life will resume its course. And the dream of living on the Costa del Sol will be an opportunity for you and your family.

Andalusia is a special land, bathed on its shores by the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean. It is a land of light and sunshine, the people are open and tolerant and foreign-friendly. In Andalusia, dear reader, you will feel at home.

The house you wanted to buy in Spain before the extraordinary events that are occurring as a result of the coronavirus COVID 19 pandemic in Spain, is still waiting for you. But now, perhaps, is the time to make the decision.

Without a doubt, the crisis of the coronavirus COVID 19 in Spain, will bring an economic slowdown, stagnating property prices in Spain, which may be an opportunity for someone who wants to invest or simply purchase a second home on the shore of the Mediterranean.

From Welex, your lawyer in Spain specialising in Real Estate Law, we want to share our confidence with you. Confidence that after this crisis of the Coronavirus in Spain, the recovery will come. The professionals at Welex continue to work in these difficult times to meet all the needs of their clients, whether from a legal, financial or fiscal point of view. This is the case, and it will continue to be so.

That’s why, dear reader, we invite you to read our blogs, call us or send us an email for any consultation. We will be happy to assist you, as we have always done.

Don’t leave your dreams, the COVID 19 coronavirus in Spain will pass and Welex will be here to solve all your fiscal and legal doubts.