The winter season arrives at the Costa del Sol and if you are thinking of coming to spend a family holiday and you want to enjoy nature and the world of animals, we recommend a series of parks where you can enjoy a unique moment even with the smallest ones of the family. Theme parks, where you can see animals in freedom and discover even more the wonders of the animal world.

Take note and write down the park proposals that we give you below.



Animals and children have a special bond, that’s why the little ones like the animal world so much. For them we recommend you to visit Selwo Aventura, in Estepona. A theme park with more than 2000 specimens that can be contemplated in their natural habitat in semi freedom. Elephants, lions, rhinoceroses, giraffes and tigers are some of the animals that can be discovered in this park. The park offers activities such as jeep rides through its facilities to see these animals more closely.

In addition, you can fin in Benalmádena the version of this park dedicated to marine animals, Selwo Marina, where you can see penguins, dolphins and sea lions together with hundreds of species of the sea.

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It is a new zoo concept based on respect for nature and the preservation of its species. In Bioparc you can see the animals in an almost perfect natural environment, where its design favors the visitor’s immersion in the animal’s habitat. Its well-known baobab tree has become one of the largest artificial trees in the world, with more than 25 meters of height.
At Bioparc you can see habitats of the five continents and at some times of the year there are shows that transport us to any of the continents to move to other points of the world. Exhibitions of birds or mammals with the caretakers of the park that narrate in the form of stories the wonders of the animal world.


Crocodile Park

This park dedicated to the life of the crocodile is located in the town of Torremolinos, where these reptiles are the protagonists. It is an ideal park for children to learn more about how these impressive reptiles. Among its activities, the park offers its visitors an audiovisual room where they can find all the information about these animals. Do not miss the opportunity for your children to be photographed with these animals that live in eight lakes equipped with vegetation typical of their habitat. A whole experience with the whole family.

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If your children are lovers of the world of butterflies, you have to take them to the Mariposarios de Benalmádena, an area where all kinds of butterfly are collected. Taking into account that the life of the butterflies is a couple of weeks the population of this zoo is renewed every 15 days in a natural way. Take your little ones to this place where they can immerse themselves in a world of fairies. In addition, while these small insects flit around children, they can learn about their behavior and their role in nature.

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Sea Life

Benalmadena hosts a unique and original aquarium in the heart of the Costa del Sol. If you like the underwater world, do not hesitate to go to this place with your little ones where they will fully enjoy the mysteries of the seabeds. One of the most interesting points of this visit is the tunnel where the sharks are.


If you pass by this place you will find yourself surrounded both above and on the sides by these feared animals of the ocean. The octopuses are another of the most acclaimed specimens amongst the minors. The tour is done in a pleasant and interactive way with the audiovisual and information system.



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