For adventurers and nature lovers, we propose the Rio Verde route located in the town of Istán. It is an interesting route of an 8 kilometers round trip, of medium difficulty that runs through the narrowest part of the river valley whose waters supply the Concepción reservoir.

The visitor who makes this route will be surrounded by a beautiful landscape of pines, cork oaks, and carob trees. On your way to the Charco del Canalón you can see a waterfall between two walls, with two pools where you can bathe and enjoy crystal clear waters.

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To make this route you have to be careful with the verdigris that cover the stones, so it is recommended to wear suitable shoes to avoid slipping. It is also recommended to wear comfortable clothes, sun protection and a hat.


Description of the route

The route begins at the source of the river Molinos. We begin to descend slowly and then cross the channel of a stream. We arrive at the path called Istán-Las Herrizas de la Gallega, where an authentic natural balcony awaits us to see a clear perspective of the Rio Verde.

The route continues with a slight ascent, where we will leave behind the forest lane to take a path on the left side. This lane leads to another that takes us to the river. After approximately one kilometer, you pass a small gorge and after this, you reach the place known as El Albercón, which is an old well, where a large part of the water that irrigates the fields of the area is still collected.

At this point, you will have to take the path on the left that is more abrupt and harder than the path taken so far. However, it will be one of the few differences in this route. From there the path becomes eminently flat again.
After having climbed down to the riverbed, you have to be especially careful if you want to cross because of the level of water. It is best to go back a few meters and take the lane that came on the right after crossing the previous stream.

Over there, you will reach a fence that can be easily passed. From there another path will lead again to a forest track, that intersects with the stream Almedinilla and then with the rural houses located in the area known as La Palomera. Continuing straight, we reach the river Río Verde again.

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Fauna and Flora

Throughout this route you can see different botanical landscapes of interest, such as orchards with fruit trees, such as citrus and avocados, cork oaks and riverside trees, especially in the vicinity of the Río Verde

Among the birds, the most common birds of prey in the area are the golden eagle and the Bonelli’s Eagle. Other species that can be seen along the route are sparrow hawks, golden orioles, jays, jackdaws or blackbirds. Watch out to see in some elevated areas herds of wild goats.



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