Located in the heart of the Serrania de Ronda, specifically in the Genal River Valley, this small town of just 600 inhabitants hides a secret that makes it unique. It is the only town-museum in the world.


Its careful aesthetics of Andalusian white town and its rich natural environment make Genaguacil a unique space where more than 120 works are scattered around its streets. From frescoes on the walls, sculptures, posters or even on the benches where their neighbors sit down to rest. These works are the result of support for artists. An initiative by the city council which is composed of lodgings for free for these artists in exchange of their works which they leave exposed in the town.

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The idea came up in 1994 and since then this singular event is being carried out as an act of coexistence and admiration. But undoubtedly the special event to contemplate art is the Art Meeting that is held every year in the first half of August and which is going now for more than 20 years. Also in 2004 the Fernando Centeno Art Museum was inaugurated, in honor of this mayor who promoted the meetings. The museum houses works that can not be left outdoors and is also a space where temporary exhibitions of different artists can be contemplated.


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But let’s explain some details of what you can find if you visit Genaguacil.

At the entrance we find a colorful weather vane, an Indian totem pole, and a wooden elephant. If we continue walking we will see a surprising sculpture, it is about five faces on olive wood. Another curious work of art are the paper houses imitating an Andalusian village that are preserved under an arch.



It is impressive to see how such a small town holds so much art. It is wonderful to see how, through its narrow and steep streets, we discover sculptures of all kinds, from the most classic to the most fashionable. In addition, its inhabitants are conscious and take great care of each piece and each work.

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If you are an art lover, don’t miss out a visit to Genaguacil, undoubtedly a unique experience!





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