At Welex, we believe that together we can achieve a cleaner planet. That is why we at Welex, lawyers and accountants in Spain, are pleased to inform you about the new acquisition of an electric scooter.

More and more countries are choosing to use the electric scooter to perform work tasks. This has been demonstrated to be more efficient as it saves time, does not consume gasoline and therefore does not emit polluting gases into the atmosphere.

Although it seems something new in this modern world, the scooter already existed.

In the year 1915, the electric scooter called Autoped began to be manufactured in New York with a 162 cm3 engine that reached 40 km/h and had a consumption of 1.9 L/100 km. Like the modern ones, it had a front light so it could be used at night and it was foldable.

The Welex team of professionals respects the environment

It was accepted more in Europe. It was useful for postmen and policemen, and some people even claim that thieves used them to escape from the police.

At Welex, lawyers and accountants in Spain, we use a scooter to get around to get around to different administration offices such as town halls, tax, social security, immigration, etc., which allows us to offer our clients a faster and more efficient service.

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