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In anticipation of the doubts of many clients of our law firm in Marbella we are pleased to clarify and identify all those services that are considered essential in the state of alarm in Spain.coronavirus in Marbella

On March 14, 2020 the Council of Ministers in Spain approved the Royal Decree declaring the state of alarm in Spain derivated from the health crisis caused by the coronavirus COVID-19 in Spain.

Restriction of freedom of movement in Spain

By Welex, your multilingual law firm in Marbella

From today, Monday March 30, 2020, until April 9, 2020, employees in Spain will be exempt from providing their services for the entirety of their working day, although all obligations of employers in Spain regarding payment of the corresponding payroll and other social security contributions remain in force.

When the aforementioned period ends, workers in Spain will have to negotiate the recovery of lost hours with employers.

This restriction on freedom of movement will not apply to those services considered essential in Spain.

What are the essential services in Spain?

Among others, the professional services of Welex, your Lawyer in Marbella and accountants in Spain!.

Workers and employers who carry out essential services will not be subject to the restriction of freedom of movement in Spain.

By way of summary, the following will be considered as essential services in Spain:

  • Workers who provide services in companies whose activity has not been paralysed by the declaration of the state of emergency established by the RD 463/2020, of March 14 see blog **

2) The workers of the companies in Spain that participate in the supply chain of the market and the operation of the services in the centres of production of first necessity goods, including among others food, drinks, hygienic, sanitary and pharmaceutical products in Spain.

3) The workers of the companies in Spain that must ensure the maintenance of the means of transport, both for people and goods, that continue to be in operation since the declaration of the state of alarm.

4) The Spanish Armed Forces, security forces and workers in private security companies in Spain.

5) The workers in health centres and centres for the care of the elderly in Spain , the dependent and the disabled.

6) Domestic workers and caregivers whose employers work in essential services.

7) Workers who provide services in press sales places and in public and private media, as well as in their printing or distribution.

8) Workers in financial services and insurance companies in Spain.

9) Workers in telecommunications and essential computer services enterprises.

10) Workers engaged in activities that are essential for the management of public benefits, subsidies, and aid provided for by law or regulation.

11) Workers who provide services in administrative and social graduate agencies, consultancy firms, professional law offices, services provided by others and own services of prevention of occupational hazards and, in general, those dedicated to the activity of legal, fiscal, business and labour consultancy.  At this stage Welex, your multilingual professional law firm in Marbella is considered as “essential” in Spain as we count in addition with professional lawyers in Marbella and accountants in Spain.

12) People who work in the essential services of justice in Spain.

13) Workers in the funeral services in Spain.

14) Workers who provide cleaning and maintenance services in the companies listed in the previous sections.

15) Workers who are already providing remote services, unless otherwise agreed between the employer and the legal representation of the workers through collective bargaining or, in the absence of such representation, the workers themselves.

Among others…

Although in Spain we are in the midst of the COVID 19 coronavirus pandemic in Spain, do not hesitate to contact our multilingual law firm in Spain now for any consultation about fiscal, legal or commercial matters. As you may have noticed, our lawyers and economists office in Marbella is among those professionals who provide services considered essential in Spain.

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