The traditional Wine Harvest Fair takes place every year in the town of Mollina in Malaga. A celebration that pays homage to the wine law firm in Mollinaworld and that begins the second weekend of September. The party dates back to 70 years ago when it was celebrated on the occasion of the equinox under the name “fair of the high district”.

As a result of the impulse of the wine cultivation, the celebration gained strength in 1987 and began to be known as the Wine Harvest Fair. Thousands of people visit this town every year to enjoy good wine, tastings and other activities enlivened with singers and dancing groups.

law firm in MollinaNamed “The Provincial Tourist Singularity Festival”, it is the ideal moment to taste the wines of the Denomination of Origin of Málaga and ‘Sierras de Málaga’. Mollina can show off being the only locality in the province that produces more than 80% of the wine with this denomination of origin, besides making its own wines.

The party begins with the opening speech where prominent personalities from the world of culture have been in charge of giving the kick-off to this massive event, which highlights the work done by men and women who work these lands and who celebrate the grape harvest: the culmination of a whole year dedicated to it.

In addition to the proclamation, the Mollina Poetic Contest, wine color, the wine tastings, the urban bicycle ride with allusive vintage ornaments, the horse treadmill, the day fair and the nocturnal festivals are the main activities.

The celebration includes a series of recreational and leisure activities, among which a bicycle ride through the streets of Mollina in which more than 500 people of all ages usually participate. The particularity of this activity is that all the bicycles go with allusive adornments to the vine (branches and bunches of grapes). At the end, a prize is given to the most original one.

Another attraction of this festival is an equestrian exhibition, a popular festival, street entertainment and a day fair in the ideal environment to enjoy a good wine accompanied by traditional cuisine of the area and entertained by groups of ‘rocieros’ and ‘charangas’.

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Also, anyone who comes to this event can attend a big tasting of wines, in which more than 200 people participate each year, as well as an assembly workshop, a workshop of the senses and an initiation workshop to the tasting.

If you are a wine lover, this is your party!



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