There comes a very special time of the year for the Costa del Sol. The entrance of autumn is a season in which this area of ​​Andalusia gives way to new colors in its landscapes, somewhat fresher climates and new flavors in the form of typical dishes of this autumnal season.


For many tourists, trying new flavors is an interesting activity, since many visitors are fond of gastronomic culture and many of them come to try our recipes. The typical gastronomy of the Costa del sol is not only sardines or grilled fish, but also a rich and varied gastronomy that turns into authentic delicacies at this time. Nothing better than to delight our tourists with consistent and hot dishes.


Below we will talk about 5 typical dishes that you can taste if you visit the Costa del Sol in autumn and winter.


It is a hot soup with a touch of Malaga that differentiates it from other soups. For many years it has been the main dish of fishermen during the winter season. It is a humble recipe, but one that carries the purest flavor of the coast and of the families that work in the sea. It is a fish stock seasoned with a mayonnaise that is prepared in different ways. The traditional way is only with the yolk of the egg and the clear curd in the same broth. In addition, shrimps and hake are added. It can also be taken by adding pieces of bread. It is a starter, delicious, soft and with a delicious flavor. You have to try it!

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The noodle casserole

This dish, preferably with flavors of the sea, is also called seafood soup and is one of the most demanded at this time. It is a seafood broth with thick noodles to which all kinds of fish and seafood such as prawns, clams, dogfish are added. The variety and originality of this dish are very present in its flavor.


The Puchero Malagueño

Or also known as Andalusian puchero, although on the Costa del Sol it is prepared differently. This dish is one of the options that you can find in Andalusian restaurants and inns as a main course. It is a versatile and original dish because with its leftovers you can prepare other delicious dishes such as croquettes. It is made with various meats, chickpeas and rice.

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Baked hake

It is a very tasty fish, juicy and with which you can make a delicious dish. Baked hake is a delicious recipe, where the fish is cooked on a base of seasoned potatoes. It is cooked in the oven and presented in the way you like the most.


Grilled sole

Finally we choose another seasonal fish that is exquisite without having to elaborate complex recipes. We recommend a grilled sole, only seasoned with the marine touch, and a splash of extra virgin olive oil.

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We recommend these dishes when you visit the Costa del Sol!


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