Welex, your office of efficient accountants in Spain, informs you about the changes in the tax regime for workers displaced in Spanish territory, that is, the tax regime known as the Beckham law in Spain.


Scales applicable to workers posted to Spanish territory (Beckham Law in Spain)

The tax regime, well known as the Beckham law in Spain, provided in article 93 of the Personal Income Tax Law in Spain affects workers displaced to Spanish territory. From January 1, 2021, the applicable rates will be modified to determine the full fee.


Beckham Law in Spain


Tax scale of earned income in Spain (Beckham law in Spain)

First, the following scale is applied to the taxable base:

Payable base


Applicable rate


Until 600.000 24
From 600.000,01 47


(Previously in Beckham Law, the percentage applicable to the taxable base from 600,000 euros was 45%).


Tax scale applicable to dividends, interest:

Taxable base of savings
Up to euros
Full fee
Rest of the taxable base of savings
Up to euros
Applicable rate
0 0 6.000 19
6.000,00 1.140 44.000 21
50.000,00 10.380 150.000 23
200.000,00 44.880 En adelante 26


(A new tranche is created for the taxable base from 200,000 euros. A rate of 26% will be applied.)

Likewise, in this special regime, the percentage of withholding or payment on account on work income is modified.

Specifically, since 01.01.2021, withholdings on work income that exceed 600,000 euros have risen to 47% (previously it was 45%) as reflected in article 61 of the Law of the General State Budgets for the year 2021.


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