On the website of this English speaking law firm in Marbella, we have already explained quite a lot on the legal aspects which our clients are faced with. This is also the fundamental aim of our blog: to explain more into detail subjects that might, a priori, seem laborious to let’s say people who do not have legal studies.

inheritance spain

Today we will specifically focus on different aspects of the inheritance process in Spain, the procedure and taxes and how Welex can be of help in counselling on all that is related to your issues on inheritance.

It is very important that the law firm that helps you in your case has a profound knowledge on the Spanish legislation and the inheritance process in Spain to avoid unpleasant surprises. Our expert advisors will resolve all your doubts as soon as you contact them. Nevertheless, on our recently launched website, you will find already quite some information.

It is very probable that you are not up to date on the inheritance taxes in Spain. Welex will give you all necessary information.

But let’s take into account two aspects: this scale of taxes will be applied to all non-fiscal residents in Spain. To the contrary, in case any of the heirs are fiscal residents in Spain, this amount may vary.

Let’s talk about whether the national law or the law of the autonomous community will be applied. Since the law 21/2001 of 27th December, the inheritance tax in Spain will be collected by the local tax offices, which have as well the right to issue any other law in addition to the national law.

Finally, we wish to deal with the drawing up of a will in Spain. It is important that when a person makes his will, he has all the information clear onto the table, so that all his beloved ones remain protected. At Welex we advise our clients who have properties in Spain to make a will in Spain in front of a Spanish notary, so that, in the future, the acceptance and allotment of the inheritance goes much more smooth.

Before saying goodbye, always take into account that for everything related to your inheritance process that, our law firm relies on the best tax and accountancy lawyers who will always watch over your interests searching for the best solutions for you.

As said before do not hesitate to contact us whenever you have any doubt whatsoever.