Autumn arrives and with it certain traditions celebrated in the different municipalities of Malaga and the Costa del Sol. One of the most anticipated events is the Chestnut festival, a tradition that has to do with the harvest of the chestnuts which are roasted to commemorate All Saints’ Day. This festival is held in many towns, but has its roots in the municipality of Ojén.

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Traditionally, families enjoyed a family day out in the countryside, where they used to roast chestnuts, eat delicious dishes and celebrate the arrival of the autumn. The town of Ojén added this festivity to its particular celebration of the Popular Tostón party that is being held on the weekend after November 1st.

For more than two decades, Ojén has celebrated the Popular Tostón in Ojén, awarded with the title of Festival of Provincial Tourist Singularity, where a massive number of visitors watch how they roast chestnuts and of course they can taste them, in addition to other typical products such as raisins in brandy or honey. The gastronomic offer is completed with grilled bacon and various typical dishes such as bolo and rice with fennel, chestnut stew, salmorejo, etc.

The day begins in the morning in the Plaza de Andalucía, where traditional activities are complemented by the ‘verdiales’ music (typical dance of Malaga); with a short hiking route to the Cerezal, and another long one until Juanar. Another attraction of this event is the distillation of the Aguardiente, a typical drink from Ojén, where you can contemplate live how it is distilled.


fiscal advisers Ojén
The Popular Tostón is a day to enjoy in family, which completes its offer with the realization of various traditional games in the square of the village. The potato dance, the bag races or the games of the apple and the chair are some examples.


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