company in Spain accountants MarbellaA Spanish limited company is governed by the Capital Companies Law, Royal Decree 1/2010, 2nd July.


The minimum capital is €3,000, which is divided into shares to be assigned to the shareholders, according to their contribution, and who will not be personally responsible for the debts of the company.


To set up a limited company in Spain it is necessary to go to a notary to grant the Public Deed of Incorporation, which will also be registered in the corresponding Mercantile Register.


The Deed of Incorporation must contain the following information:


–Identity of shareholders and their personal data, including fiscal identification number or passport and NIE for non-residents, marital status and address.


–Intention to set up a limited liability company.


–The share capital and number of shares assigned to each partner.


–The corporate bylaws, which will include the name of the company, its corporate purpose, the share capital and shares in which it is divided, the management of the company and the adoption of social agreements.


–Appointment of the director of the company.


The company is established for an indefinite duration, unless otherwise agreed in the bylaws.


The presentation in the Mercantile Registry for registration must be carried out within two months of its incorporation.


Companies may have a corporate website, the creation of which shall be agreed in a General Meeting of the company. Once this website is created, its modification or deletion will be determined by the director of the company.


The agreement to create the website must be registered in the Mercantile Registry and published in the Official Bulletin of the Mercantile Registry, so that the agreements included in the website have legal effect.


Our professionals, experts in Spanish Company Law, will assist you in the following procedures to set up your company in Spain:


– Application of Certificate of corporate denomination at the Spanish Central Companies Registry.


– Bank certificate of the payment of stock capital.


– Assistance at the notary for the granting of the constitution title deed.


– Obtaining the Fiscal Identification Code (CIF) for your company in Spain.


– Settlement of stamp duties and Spanish taxes.


– Registration at the Spanish Mercantile Registry.


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