The purchase and sale of a second transmission property in Spain, that is to say, where the seller is a private individual or the property has already been inhabited, is subject to the Property Transfer Tax in Spain. This tax varies depending on the autonomous community where the property is located.


For that reason, from Welex we will explain the expenses that you have when buying a second home in Spain. 


Expenses buying second home Spain


In Andalusia, the tax rate is between 8 and 10%, depending on the purchase price of the property. Thus, in Andalusia the scale would be divided as follows:


Taxable base up to  Total quota       Rest of the taxable base        Applicable rate

0.00                                 0.00                       400,000.00                                    8.00%

400,000.01                    32,000.00            300,000.00                                    9.00%

700,000.01                    59,000.00            onwards                                           10.0%



If the second-hand property that you wish to acquire in Andalusia has a price of 750,000.00 euros, the transfer tax to be paid is calculated as follows:


On the first 400,000.00 euros, a tax rate of 8% is applied.

On the following 300,000.00 euros, a rate of 9% is applied.

And the remaining 50,000.00 euros would be taxed at 10%


Therefore the tax to be paid would be 64,000.00 euros, amount to be paid to the coffers of the Andalusian Government.


If you wish to know the expenses you will have when buying a home in Spain, in addition to the Property Transfer Tax, you should take into account the costs of the Notary, the Land Registry and the lawyer’s fees when buying your home.


At Welex we recommend that before starting any process related to the purchase of a property in Spain, please contact our offices where we will attend to you in a professional manner and explain all the points that you have to take into account when buying your property. We will also provide you with a breakdown of all the expenses inherent in the purchase of your home, whether it is a recently built property or a second-hand one in Spain.


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