Welex, your motivated property lawyer in Spain has the please to set out below xom general consideratios to take into account at the time of the purchase of a property in Spain. When you are thinking of buying a home in Andalusia, we strongly recommend you use the professional services of an independent lawyer who will advise you on the legal and fiscal aspects of the transaction so that you can proceed with a secure purchase.



The Welex lawyers and accountants in Marbella are experts in advising on the purchasing and sale of real estate. We will carry out an examination of the documentation of your property and will analyse the following points:


  1. Study of the property at the Spanish Land Registry. This will inform you about who is the registered owner of the property, provide a description of it and see if there is the existence of registered charges, such as a mortgage or embargo.


  1. Study of the property at the Catastro (Spanish Rates Office). We will advise you on the description of the property at the Rates Office, year of construction, surface and if there is any possible debt pending by the previous owner.


  1. Existence of the license of first occupation granted by the corresponding city council.

This license is a document of great importance because it aims to verify that the construction complies with the building permit granted for building, that the work meets the conditions of safety and habitability and that it is in accordance with the applicable urban regulations.


  1. Review of the previous owner’s supplies, such as IBI, garbage collection, community, water and electricity to make sure there is no debt.


In relation to the community of owners, if you acquire a property in Spain that owes community fees, you will have to cover the payment of said debts up to the limit of the quotas corresponding to the expired part of the year in which you acquire the property, plus the fees for the three previous years. Please note that you will be legally forced to comply with this obligation.



  1. Finally, we will assist you at the Spanish Notary for the signing of your Public Purchase Deed, payment of your taxes and registration of your new home, putting it in your name in the corresponding Land Registry.


We will advise you in a professional manner, resolving any questions that may arise during the transaction, and you will receive detailed information about all the expenses from the beginning, providing advice regarding the Non-Resident Income Tax once you are the owner of your new home in Spain.


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