After having published more than 250 blogs in four different languages ​​on Welex’s website, we wanted to try something different. Instead of writing about a specific regulation regarding the tax return on the income of natural persons, the corporate tax or the non-resident income tax in Spain, the inheritance tax and a long etcetera, we wanted to answer to a specific question many of our clients in marbella, accountant in marbella


Where does the name “Welex” come from?


Welex is a law firm in Marbella specialising in real estate, civil, commercial, tax and even criminal law. The Welex team con

sists of lawyers, economists, accountants and social graduates prepared to solve any legal, commercial, fiscal or accounting issue you may have. We offer legal security to our clients based on our professional experience.


The name “Welex” is a compound word:

WE = We

LEX = Latin for a written law promulgated by the competent authority


Conclusion: WeLex = We are the law.


In Spain, all the binding rules that are or have been in force in the Kingdom of Spain are considered laws. Under the Spanish Constitution of 1978, a law may have different ranges:


1) Organic Law

2) Royal-Decree Law

3) Royal Legislative Decree

4) Autonomous Law


Here at Welex, our services include the following services:


  • Advice regarding the purchase and sale of real estate in Spain
  • Inheritances and wills
  • Accountancy and fiscal representations
  • Advice on companies
  • Review of annual accounts
  • Procedural law, both civil and criminal
  • Labour-related advice among others



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