Sometimes it is possible that the tax authorities do not even write a friendly letter to your accountant or tax advisor, but you might have at once a whole research team on your doorstep, at your home and/or at your office, in the Netherlands and/or in Spain. This may have to do, for example, with property transactions that are suspicious in the eyes of the tax authorities, concealed capital or a non-conclusive accounting system. As this may involve special formalities, it is wise to immediately call your tax lawyer. It is not necessarily like that that the research team can simply register your house and/or office. They must have permission from the judge or the public prosecutor. Furthermore, you are not obliged to answer and it is better not to do so, even if you are convinced that you have nothing to hide.


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Mostly the research team already has a lot of information and evidence, which you do not even know about. It is better to first carefully assess your position with a lawyer before answering.


Dutch, Spanish and English tax authorities may collaborate and the same goes for lawyers. We have excellent specialists in this field in both the Netherlands and in Spain. You can discuss your case in strict confidence with our lawyers; all our lawyers have a duty of confidentiality towards government agencies.



Where necessary, we can provide assistance not only in the criminal process, but also in conducting administrative proceedings against Dutch or Spanish tax assessments or in conducting civil proceedings concerning, for example, the lifting of a seizure or the making of a payment arrangement. Sometimes these aspects can all play at the same time, in addition to the suspicion of committing a tax offense.


Obviously, prevention is better than cure, so making a voluntary change/improvement of your current tax returns which have already been filed is something that you can discuss with us in the strictest confidence. In addition, we are happy to provide assistance and assistance with regular tax book audits, where there is not (yet) any suspicion of a criminal offense. A tactful communication with the tax authorities can be very important.


One of the specialists from the Netherlands whom we use for Dutch law is Mr. Wytze Okx.


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