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Guide about the best shops to go shopping in Malaga

10, 07, 2017|Tourism and Culture in Spain|

Guide about the best shops to go shopping in Malaga Do you like to go shopping? Then prepare your credit card because today we are going to talk about Malaga and its indispensable guide of stores and shopping centres. Many people find it relaxing to go from shop to shop looking at the latest fashion [...]

The alcazaba of Malaga – historical monuments at la costa del sol

03, 07, 2017|Tourism and Culture in Spain|

When we talk about historical monuments at the Costa del Sol in general and in Malaga in particular, we certainly must speak about the Alcazaba of Malaga, an impressive Arab fortress. History of the citadel Known as the Alcazaba, which name in Arabic means citadel, it represents one of the most impressive historical constructions of [...]

The best 4+2 places to go and eat some tapas in the city of Malaga

26, 06, 2017|Tourism and Culture in Spain|

Pablo Picasso said that we open our senses in order not to lose anything of all beautiful things that surround us. And that is what we have done; we have been guided by the advice of the famous artist from Malaga to experience the good tapas of the capital of the Costa del Sol. Whether [...]

Cultural guide: Ranking of museums in Malaga (part 2)

19, 06, 2017|Tourism and Culture in Spain|

When a city is known as "the city of museums" for sure it will be due to something. In the case of Malaga, it is quite normal to have associated this description, as it has more than 25 museums, becoming one of the main cultural capitals within Spain. Between tapas and tapas you can enjoy [...]

Museums’ route in Malaga that you can’t miss out (Part 1)

12, 06, 2017|Tourism and Culture in Spain|

If you are an art fan and you are planning to come on holiday to Malaga, don’t miss out the museums’ route. What museums are we talking about? Special attention to our post: we are presenting you a list of the most famous ones worthwhile to visit. It is normal that when you think of [...]

Family plans at the Costa del sol (Part I)

01, 06, 2017|Tourism and Culture in Spain|

Sometimes gastronomic tourism, culture or the fabulous beaches at the coast of Malaga are not enough to satisfy the fun and the needs of the little ones. When we are on holiday and we travel with the whole family, we may find ourselves in the situation of asking ourselves what kind of leisure and cultural [...]

12 unforgettable things to do at the Costa del Sol

22, 05, 2017|Tourism and Culture in Spain|

The Costa del Sol is one of the most incredible places to enjoy the Spanish coasts, and almost 35% of the tourism in Andalusia visiting this area. With spectacular temperatures, an average of 19º during the year and 25-30º in summer, more and more people decide to come for a weekend or have their holidays [...]

Tourist guide of Costa del Sol: El Rincón de la Victoria

15, 05, 2017|Tourism and Culture in Spain|

You wish to do some sightseeing in a particular coastal town, then don’t miss out to get to know this charming village, originally a fishers’ village, at the Costa del Sol. It will be much easier with this tourist guide where you can find relevant spots and places to visit in Rincón de la Victoria. [...]


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