Are you a property owner in Spain? Or, planning to purchase a second home and you are Fiscal Resident in another country, then you must be aware of the yearly Spanish tax liabilities which you will be subject to after the purchase.


Non Residents in Spain

Non Residents in Spain



1 – Non Resident’s Income Tax in Spain.


a)  Property for own use – This is when the property in Spain is available to its owners during the full year.

b)  Income from leased properties – This should be applied when the property is rented out to a third party.

c)  Leased only for periods of the year and the other periods available to its owners.  The tax obligations will be a combination of both previous cases and therefore required to present both sets of tax returns.


2 – Local Property Tax (IBI).  This is a tax on the property (urban or rural) all property owners are subject to this tax regardless their country of residence.


3 – Wealth Tax in Spain was re-established exceptionally from 2011 onwards and has been prorogued by the government on annual bases up to and including 2018.


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