The criminal defence lawyers in Spain of our law firm in Marbella have considered important to highlight the three types of sanctions that can be applied in the state of alarm in Spain caused by the coronavirus Covid-19.Sanctions state of alarm in Spain-Coronavirus Covid-19 in Spain

According to the Royal Decree 463/2020 declaring the state of alarm in Spain to manage the health crisis caused by the coronavirus COVID/19 in Spain, it is established that the security forces and bodies in Spain mentioned below can impose mild, serious and very serious penalties.

 Who can impose sanctions in the state of alarm in Spain?


Sanctions applied in accordance with Organic Law 4/2015 on the protection of public safety in Spain, Law 33/2011 on public 

The removal of fences, tapes or other fixed or movable elements placed by law enforcement to set up security perimeters.

Summary of serious penalties in Spain; fine from 601 to 30,000 euros

  1. Disobedience or resistance to Spanish authority or its agents in the exercise

of their functions, when this isn’t a crime, as well as the refusal to

provide identification at the request of the authority or its agents or false

or inaccurate data delivery during the identification process.

  1. The performance by act or omission that may produce a serious risk or

harm for people’s health, where this does not constitute a very

serious fault.

Summary of very serious infractions in Spain; fine from 60,001 up to 600,000 Euros

  1. Any act or omission that results in a serious risk orharm to people’s health.
  1. Repeated failure to comply with the instructions received from the authority, or the failure to comply with a requirement of the authority, if this results in serious damage to health. In this case, the fine will be from 30,001 to 600,000 euros.
  1. In declared emergencies, failure to comply with orders, prohibitions, instructions or requests made by the officers of the competent

bodies or members of the intervention and assistance services, as well as of the duties of collaboration to the services of surveillance and protection of public or private companies, where it does not constitute a particular danger or significance for the safety of persons or property. In this case, the fine will be from 1,501 to 30,000 euros.

  1. Those who resist or seriously disobey the authority or its agents in the exercise of their duties, or private security personnel, duly identified, who carry out private security activities in cooperation with and under the command of the Security Forces and Corps in Spain, shall be punished by imprisonment in Spain for three months to one year or a fine of six to eighteen months.

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